Dishwashing/Kitchen Soap

Dishwashing/Kitchen Soap


Wash your dishes the old way and keep your hands soft. Perfect for all dishes and will clean really well.

Grab yourself a tin can (upcycled fruit tin) punch some holes in the bottom and place soap into tin. When filling up sink put the tin in the running water and take out once water is soapy.

you will need to rinse your dishes in a separate sink and add a small amount of vinegar as this will help the soap residue come off the dishes and they won’t be so slippery.
These soaps are produced with saponified coconut oil and unscented.

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How to use...

Upcycle an old tin, pop some holes into the bottom, put soap into tin and when filling up sink to wash dishes place tin under the running water to create a sudsy wash. 

You will need have a rinse water with a little vinegar added, this takes soap residue off and leaves them soap free. 


For an old tin, a large tinned fruits can works well and to catch the drips place into a square container.